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Get The Perfect Solution for Your Annular Tear

The spine is an essential part of your body; it is what support or stabilizes the upper trunk and lower limbs. If you have a problem in your spine, you'll have much discomfort, and in the worst case, lose the ability to walk. There are very many pathophysiological problems that can result in an annular tear. The most common one among those who suffer from the condition is age-related degeneration. When one ages, the annular fibrosus start to become thinner. When there's some forceful activity on the region, it leads to a tear. Another very common cause of annular tear is obesity. You can also get an annular tear from a strenuous physical activity, excess bending, among many more.

If you leave your annular tear untreated for a long time, you risk complications since you have a poorly supported invertebral disc. The conventional treatment through physical therapy aims at restoring the average connectivity of this region. Surgery is the last option and is never a suggested treatment method for this problem. However, if you maintain a healthy tissue environment as well as a non-stressful condition, the tear might even heal by itself. You can get Comprehensive Spine Institute to solve your annular tear problem via a licensed practitioner. They are going to offer a variety of treatment techniques depending on the severity of the issue. Massage is excellent at stimulating blood flow to the healing tissue. The person that is going to perform the therapy usually applies electric stimulation so as to relive the intense pain. This also aids in stimulating muscle strength and stability.

Another great treatment that goes hand in hand with therapy is hydrotherapy. This is known for increasing blood circulation in tissues. Also, the procedure is great at removing swelling and stiffness that is around the affected annular muscle, discover more here. You might also need to undergo a spine realignment. This is an aggressive physical therapy treatment applied whereby there is a minor dislocation. Physical therapist also apply ultrasound waves so as to deliver warmth and heat to the regenerating tissues. This give a soothing effect where the person might be suffering from sprains, dislocations and the tearing too. You cannot stay away from the physical aging process that is a risk factor of annular tear; however, there are other techniques you can apply to stay away from such a condition among your day to day activities. If you are suffering from an annular tear, seek a professional therapist to solve your issue. For more information about annular tear, click on this link:

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